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September 29, 2012 / zendani1

“Peace, Peace, Till Freedom”

The following text, written by Marzieh Vafamehr was published in support “Campaign for Peace and Freedom”. Marzieh Vafamehr is an Iranian independent filmmaker and actress living in Tehran. She is married to the film director and screenwriter Nasser Taghvai. Marzieh Vafamehr was arrested on 29 June 2011, reportedly due to her acting in Granaz Moussavi’s 2009 Iranian-Australian film My Tehran for Sale that is critical of her native Iran. She was released on 24 October 2011, after posting unspecified bail.


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“peace, peace, till freedom”

I was about to give up my ghost when trying hard to clench my fist. everyday and every morning was yelling “ war, war, till victory“. I was pouring all my anger, anxiety, and restlessness resulted from discriminations and insults received at home, street and T.V. in the gray-blue sky of school. Similar trumpet-like loud speakers at the four corners of the yard; like missionary of educational affairs unceasingly filled with anger, propagating hypocrisy and lie. The track of crescent of four nails could be noticed in my palm; and so much blood was running into the lines of my palm, that I totally forgot all about my hoarse throat and foamy saliva. What remind till night, till sleeping, into the depth of dream, nay, not dream, but nightmare was padlock of my jaw. And grating my teeth was so hard that tingled in the darkness of the room, so hard so that I woke up in the morning with the powder of my bones on the tongue and shining tears filled the eyes. “ Drinking the tar-like black milk of the dawn “ (1) in the repeated mornings again, made the day mourning. And covered in gray in the darkness and chill, arrived into that damned yard and again poured screams on the neighbors of the primary school, ever sleeping people “ war, war, till victory”, as if the rooster is summoning them for awakening, perhaps one day the cosmos witnesses this awaking, perhaps … Distressed, and while there is no end for my pain, strive with my cells every single day to practice to live a childish life not the imposed childish life of the past, but chosen infantile life, standing on the height of the city, at the window, not with clenched fist, but with spread and widened wings from the depth of my loving heart and being proud of being LOVE scream: “ peace, peace, till freedom”.

Sep/2012 Tehran Marzieh Vafamehr

1.Referring to a poem by {Paul Celan}

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