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August 24, 2012 / zendani1

Latest news of the detainees at Sarand Camp; The lives of the prisoners are in danger.

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Over 30 of the detained men were violently transferred to holding area in the quarantine cells of Tabriz prison where they continue to be subjected to abuse.

According to obtained reports, some of the prisoners have launched hunger strikes in protest of their treatment. They are not doing well physically; especially weak is Hossein Ronaghi Maleki who is in serious danger due to renewed internel bleeding kidneys. Being subjected to beatings can cause devastating consequences for Hossein.

[Hossein Ronaghi Maleki is a human rights activist and blogger who is out on furlough since July 11, serving his 15-year prison sentence. Hossein was finally granted medical leave after undergoing several failed surgeries for his kidney ailment, due to improper care and rest. Hossein who was healthy before his arrest developed a severe kidney disease stemming from the beatings he received during his time in solitary confinement. He has lost the function in one kidney and his second kidney functions at 20%.]

Per the detainees, prison officials told them they are not being held in the general ward due to the prison ward’s claim that the general ward prisoners are not fond of civil activists and therefore might endanger their lives if they were kept together.

A bail request has been issued for all the detainees in the amount of 5million tomans ($410)
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The order to detain the rescuers came from the General Court in Khajeh per the request of security forces in the area.

Several earthquake relief volunteers who were detained have been released. Following are the names of the released volunteers:
Ahmad Ronaghi,
Jafar Nezami,
Misagh Afshar,
Esmail Rafati,
Shima Ghousheh,
Kiana Karimpour,
Artemis Varzandeh,
Nafiseh Saidi Fard,
Narges Keirollahi,
Zahra Siyadi,
Rehyaneh Hesami

Per accounts given by the released volunteers, over 100 members of the security forces raided their camp site and violently arrested all the volunteers and transferred them to the news station then to holding cells in the city of Tabriz.

Agents from the Ministry of Intelligence arrested the citizen relief workers who had organized a public effort for disaster relief.

Intelligence agents aided by security forces raided the campsite of the activists during relief efforts for the earthquake victims. The agents had a warrant provided by the judiciary to shut the campsite down, and in doing so, they detained all the citizen volunteers.

According to preliminary reports, the relief volunteers attempted to resist the security forces and declared that they would stay on the grounds in order to help the earthquake survivors even if the campsite was torn down. But the security forces whose numbers were increasing, detained all the volunteers and transferred them to an undisclosed location.

Following are the names of the original arrested citizen volunteers that are known so far:

Hossein Ronaghi,
Hasan Ronaghi,
Vahid Khalousi,
Shima Ghoshe,
Shayan Vehdati,
Misagh Afshar,
Farid Rohani,
Navid Khanjani,
Morteza Esmailpour,
Ali Mohammadi,
Hamed Reza Mosebiyan,
Ali Mohammadi,
Masoud Vafabakhsh,
Hooman Taheri,
Daniel Hasani,
Nafiseh Saidi Fard,
Bahram Shojai,
Mohammad Arjomandi,
Esmail Salmanpour,
Mehdi Baghbanbashi,
Narges Kheiralahi,
Mohammad Amin Salehi,
Behrouz Alavi,
Milad Panahipour,
Sepehrdad Saheban,
Esmail Rafati,
Hamid Ronaghi.

Translated by LalehSR


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