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August 23, 2012 / zendani1

‘The Physician’ – Wishing a happy Doctor’s Day to all physicians. (backstage photos included)

The upcoming movie, which is based on Noah Gordon’s 1986 novel of the same name, is set in the 11th century and follows a healer named Rob Cole (Payne) who travels across Europe to search for the scientific truth of illness and healing.

Kingsley stars as Ibn Sina, who is called a “doctor of all doctors”, while Skarsgard has been cast as Cole’s mentor, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
French actor Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful) has also joined the project as the Shah Ala ad-Daula.

The Physician, directed by Philipp Stoelzl and written by Jan Berger, will begin shooting in Morocco and Germany in June.

Both Kingsley and Skarsgard can currently be seen in The Dictator and Battleship respectively.

Both movies arrived in US cinemas over the weekend, but failed to knock the superhero epic The Avengers from its number one spot at the US box office.
Watch a clip from a Digital Spy interview with Sir Ben Kingsley below:

Soheil Parhizi human rights activist and actor also wished a happy Doctor’s Day to all physicians and shared this message:

On this day I would like to share the memory of my father, Dr. Yadollah Parhizi.

My father was a doctor who during his 40 years of practice made every effort to stay true to his pledge as a physician. But sadly 6 years ago after being injured in a car accident, he lost his life due to the blatant negligence of the medical team responsible for his care. To this day there has not been an acceptable inquiry into this matter.

I salute all the physicians who stand by their oath and spend day and night working tirelessly to save lives.

I also hope that we can focus on the serious matter of the increasing number of deaths on the roads of Iran, which sometimes surpass the number of deaths per year in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I must share my experience during my movie role for The Physician. I had participated in various acting roles in television commercials and movies in Iran, but as we know, the arts in our country are subjected to increasingly harsh restrictions. Artists are hindered from producing big projects with heavy subject matters akin to the ones in this movie because they are faced with restrictions in Iran. The impeding issues range from monetary constraints to directors and producers being banned from doing their job and making movies.

The first international movie I participated in was The Physician and I had the opportunity to play alongside professional Hollywood actors without the array of limitations imposed on us in Iran.

This is not an everyday movie; it is a historical fiction based on a popular novel.
This movie not only showcases the importance of the study of medicine, it stresses the constant struggle between the sciences and the reactionary forces against it. Unfortunately, these circumstances continue today.

For these reasons, being a part of this movie was a very valuable experience for me, some of which I have shared with all of you on this Doctor’s Day.

Many thanks to Laleh Roudi for translation.

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