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August 21, 2012 / zendani1

Post-doctoral student sentenced to 10 years

Daneshjoo News: Branch 36 of Tehran appeals court has upheld the ten-year prison sentence of Iranian post-doctoral student Omid Kokabi.

Judge Salavati of Tehran Revolutionary Court first sentenced Kokabi, a distinguished graduate of Sharif University and a post-doctoral student of nuclear physics at Texas University, to 10 years in prison on 13 May. His trial came 15 months after his arrest, and was held at the same time as the trial for suspects of cooperating with Israel’s Intelligence organization, Mosad.

Omid Kokabi’s lawyers have not yet been allowed to meet with him. This is only one of the numerous violations in the judicial process of Kokabi’s case.

In a letter addressed to Sadegh Larijani, Head of Iran’s Judiciary, Omid Kokabi stated that he made fake confessions under pressure during his interrogations.

“Later, I realized my interrogations became shorter with less pressure, threats and intimidation when I would write down what the interrogators wanted to hear. Therefore I reached the conclusion that I should start writing down things that were more satisfactory to the interrogators and to write what they dictated to me. At the time, I did not think about or understand what the consequences of this action might be later. At times, they threatened me with execution, saying that they could obtain an execution verdict from the Judiciary with no problem. They told me if I would write down what they dictated, that my interrogation sessions would end within 2-3 days and I would be set free to go and see my family. I also have to mention the methods they used in writing down my interrogation papers. They would either ask a question with an expected answer or would dictate to me what to write. However, they would ask me to leave couple of lines blank above my answers. I don’t know what they later wrote in the blank spaces. I don’t know if they wrote anything that would be incriminating or used to bring up charges,” Omid Kokabi wrote in his letter to Sadegh Larijani.

In recent years, Omid Kokabi had been approached a number of times by Iran’s nuclear program and by universities affiliated with the IRGC to cooperate and work with them, but he had always refused their offer.

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